Class-e Convergency 恣遊空間.自由學習

This project is to break the form and standards of traditional school and normalized way of teaching, to create a comfortable self-study field and communication environment, so children have learning empowerment.


Reception hall installed with personalized reception bar counter, a wide range of graffiti wall, colored drawing on wall, special planning of lamps and lanterns, the wall pierced to release its interior space with a positive and light filled shadow to bring atmosphere of relax, which satisfies the student’s demands to host diverse learning activities such as theme events, musical, dancing, group activity rehearsals, online readings and on-site readings.


The field is divided into 2 parts (dynamic and static environment) by one glass wall. The left on the plan is self-study Area which includes a large reading room with all kinds of reading materials,like a small bookstore. ‘一’shaped desk designed for several students,and students can read on the sofa area, which is a way to relieve pressure on the taking a break from school, and changes the serious concepts of traditional education.