Warmth of memories 記憶的溫度

175m² / Taipei,Taiwan

There is a type of memory that is subtle, delicate, and insignificant but always exists at the bottom of your heart. We hope to seek out the profound spatial memory from the owner’s childhood memory and help keep the memories of home for the next generation in the future. This type of memory usually lacks of particular form but has profound warmth in life both visually and in tactile sensation.


Home is a place to repair and relax your body and mind. To demonstrate the warmth of home, we restore the very simple nature of life. For space allocation, we divided the space into two major areas of living and bedroom space. We try to minimize the private space as much as possible and transform the majority of the space into an open domain for family activities. By connecting the living room, dining room and kitchen, the whole family can interact with each other no matter which space they are in, generating spontaneous conversation between space and family.


For the bookshelf doors in the public area, we tried to use traditional woven pattern and painted the surface dark. This allows the traditional element to be re-expressed with a modern touch. The doors are garnished with simple lines to smoothly incorporate it into the modern space tone.We also allow natural light into the house to create a warm and natural atmosphere.