Native 原生

The owner wishes to adopt a subtle and refined design for his/her idea of quality of living. Centering on the natural and native aurora, large area of dark gray pandomo material was used for the first floor, complementing the weathered veneer and connecting the architecture concrete wall spanning the first and second floor. A calm, natural and simplified domestic atmosphere was created through the contrasting effect between the sophisticated texture of industrial iron element and delicate glass expression, carrying a subtle sense of fullness.


With the high ceiling design, massive architecture concrete wall, and three lightweight, transflective weave chandeliers, we were able to visually expand the height of the wall. The heightened public area is the living center of the family. With the sense of virtual elements intertwined with tangible materials in the living space, we were able to bring the entire space into another level and expand the sense of space in order to create a smooth traffic flow and non-obstructed vision. The entire space is interconnected and widened through penetration of lights.


To convey a more intriguing and profound depth, we used simple materials to construct a visual image with defined strength. Materials with sophisticated touch were used to portrait a simple, subtle artistic conception that pursues a sense of eternity.