85°C New Generation Store Design in China 85℃新一代門店設計

This project is a new generation store design for 85°C in China, which differs from the atmosphere the franchise was aiming for in the past but is constructed in consistent with the franchise’s template of decors and furnishings.


The main product of 85°C is drinks and bakery food. Based on our previous impression, the store catches customers’ attention by displaying an array of diverse products. Therefore we believe the best brand image is to re-direct customers’ attention back to the product itself by directly displaying the products. The role of interior design is to provide a setting that brings out the special feature of the products.


In terms of the floor plan, we deliberately put the displaying bread cabinets and gift shelves at the forefront of the store, establishing the concept that the products are the visual focus of the store. They also serve to separate the shopping crowds from the seating area in order to maintain a smooth, unobstructed traffic flow inside the store.


To ensure convenience of the construction work, a module installation design was adopted for the display cabinets. Unified iron frames were used in the store where custom-made cabinets can be fit into. There are three types of cabinet designs that provide diversity for product display. Indoor materials and design utilized rotten wood and ceiling-less design to simplify the combination of elements.

為因應施工上的便利性,在商品擺放的陳列櫃上採用模矩化安裝設計,以制式鐵件於現場組立框架,再將工廠製作的櫃體安裝於框架內.櫃體本身也具有三種設計,讓陳列方式具豐富變化性. 室內材料及設計使用腐木及無天花板式設計,盡量讓元素組合簡單呈現.