Temperature of House 宅的溫度

Considering the fast pace of life in the high-tech industry, the designer, as communicating with the client, finds that the kind of home he aspires to have is in essence one that gets back to the clean, simple, and non-hyperbolic aspects of design.


Take this case as an example. As the house has a good view and enough sunshine, light becomes the axis of the design. In order for light to penetrate the whole house without being blocked by compartments, the walls of the study have been removed. The parlor, the dining room and the study become interlinked, which looks more spacious because of the uninterrupted flow of light. It provides a comfortable and easy living space.


The overall design is focused on the creation of simple and clear-cut lines and the fusion of warm elements. Decorations with bright surface stainless steel ceiling and exquisite chandeliers are eye-catching because they are conflicting elements put together intentionally, shaping at the same time an expression unique to the surrounding space.


Follow the wooden lining wall to the private bedrooms. As compared with the warm and clean texture of the open space outside the bedrooms, these rooms are decorated with grey black steel brush veneer and dark-colored wallpaper, creating a calm and quite sleeping environment.


The designer makes a good use of different materials and colors to create a unique feature for each living corner. It enriches the music of life.